Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jumping On This Particular Bandwagon

John Cena and Justin Bieber, what do they have in common?  Just that it's popular to jump on the bandwagon that hates them.  Here is the thing, I hated on John Cena about seven years.  Now I'm just indifferent to the point that I don't care.  I hated on Justin Bieber about two years ago.  As with Bieber, I'm just indifferent to the point that I don't care.

I've noticed it's a trend that people jump on said bandwagon long after I've gotten off and moved on to not liking or hating something else.  I'm not saying that I'm some prophet or someone who foresees future trends of this manner or any manner.   I've just been ahead of the masses when it comes to some things.  I'm not trying to blow smoke up my own ass or anything, but it's just how I see it.

When I tell people that I've hated on these two said people years before they did, I get the usual reaction.  It's not my fault I was ahead of the curve in this respect.  It just sometimes happens.  I wonder what the next big thing people will hate on next?  It seems like since the advent of the Internet, hating on something is the cool thing to do.  At least I do it before the masses do.


Matthew said...

I suggest you immediately start to 'hate on' things like climate change, gender inequality, child poverty and our current economic framework.

If your current trend is any indication, this should fix a lot of problems in only a few years.

Aside from that, I'm confident there are more substantial things for you to be proud of then your quasi-prophetic 'hating' skills, am I right?

Mr. C.C. said...

That's why I don't put too much stock in this.

Those things won't you mentioned will take more than just hating on them.

Matthew said...

Very true.