Tuesday, April 03, 2012

WrestleMania 28 Review

WrestleMania is touted as the "showcase of the immortals," "where legends are born," "the Super Bowl of professional wrestling," etc..  Ever since WrestleMania was first started, wrestlers ever since have wanted their chance to perform on the "grandest stage of them all."  But only a few ever get that chance each year to perform and showcase their abilities for the millions and millions around the world and the tens of thousands in attendance.

I watched WrestleMania at my neighbour's place.  Thanks Earl!  He orders the pay-per-views each month.  It would be an experience to be at a WrestleMania live.  To experience it once would be awesome.

This particular WrestleMania had potential to be a great one.  Although it didn't start out that way.  With the Irish "albino" Sheamus taking on the amazingly gifted and talented World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.  It's no wonder they put this match first because they made Bryan do the job in 18 secs which is a WrestleMania record.  Both Sheamus and Bryan have ability and talent, yet they'd rather have some mockery of a match cloud what could have been a great start to WrestleMania.  But that would be the right thing to do on the part of the WWE and actually give the fans their monies worth.

Kane vs. Randy Orton would have been much better, but the lack of time they were given left more to be desired.  Just like Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes.  It left more to be desired.  Although Rhodes getting crotched with a spear that was effectively botched in a round about way was totally hilarious.  They gave Big Show the win because they wanted to give him his WrestleMania moment.  Yeah, we get it, have a feel good ending to that match.  The divas tag team match which saw Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos taking on the WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve didn't have a feel good ending. The only thing good about it was the fact that the match ended.  Beth Phoenix being the only one worth watching in the match still didn't make the rest of match worth anything.  How sad.

The Hell in a Cell match was touted as the "End of an Era."  Undertaker vs. Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the guest ref.  Michaels was conflicted to call the match down the middle remaining impartial or help his long time friend Triple H.  The match was back and forth with Triple H beating down the Undertaker in the early going of the match.  With multiple chair shots, a sledgehammer shot, and even some Sweet Chin Music courtesy of "Heartbreak Kid," it still wasn't enough to put away the legendary "Deadman" or "Phenom."  Undertaker battled back like his always does to give Triple H his own beat down. Shawn Michaels throughout the match showed emotion wanting to stop the match, but neither Triple H nor Undertaker wanted to stop the match.  Michaels reluctantly counted the three which gave the Undertaker the win and kept his WrestleMania streak at 20-0.  Shawn and Undertaker helping Triple H to the back is something that will never be seen again.  It was just an amazing sight.  That much respect between them to do that is awe inspiring.

Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy was a 12 man tag team match.  If John Laurinaitis or Teddy Long's team won, they would be the general manager of both Raw and SmackDown.  Nothing I could say would make this match sound interesting or good.  Not even mentioning midgets being thrown around and tall freaks landing heaps chops would do this match justice.  Team Cancer Voice (inside joke with my friend Mark) won thus becoming the general manager of the Raw and SmackDown.  The whole thing with Eve was lame.  She is a terrible heel and added to this shit that was this match.

The semi main event seen the straightedged superstar CM Punk defending the WWE Championship against the Winnipeg-raised Chris Jericho.  A match I was looking forward to.  This matched rooted in being personal thanks to Jericho taking shots at CM Punk's family and their addictions.  This lead to John Laurinaitis making the stipulation that if CM Punk lost his temper and get disqualified that the WWE Championship would change hands.  In a type championship match, that wouldn't happen.  In the early going, it looked CM Punk may have gotten disqualified, but he used the ref's five count to his advantage.  But as the battle raged on, the two combatants went back and forth.  But CM Punk was able to pull out the victory and retain the WWE Championship in the second best match of the night.

Finally it was time for the main event.  "The Once in a Lifetime" match.  An overhyped piece of shit.  The Rock vs. John Cena.  The fans were up The Rock's ass way to much and it was bad.  They booed John Cena because he was facing The Rock.  Anybody else and they'd most likely cheer him... Than again maybe not.  This was a match I didn't care about and as the match progressed, it proved why.  Both didn't put their full effort into this match.  They probably thought they'd get by on the hype alone.  The match didn't live up to the hype.  It was a long and drawn out.  Too long for the lack of quality it was.  The Rock showed he still can't do the Sharpshooter right and he's been doing that move for years.  This match was so lackluster and terrible that nothing they'd do would help it be remotely good.  The ending of the match was so bad that they had the Rock get up, hit the Rock Bottom, and win.  Most people loved the fact that The Rock won, but they thought John Cena was going to win.  Regardless of who won, it was a terrible match.  The Rock winning means nothing because he is going to be gone back to Hollywood to make another movie which will flop and bomb big time.

Overall, WrestleMania was terrible.  Nothing you could say will convince me otherwise.  This WrestleMania had potential, but it was a huge let down.  Thanks WWE, you need to build upon that potential and actually make it good.  Can you do that?  I'm not asking for much.

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