Friday, April 06, 2012

Travis Barker Gets A Bad Rap

Everybody likes to shit on Travis Barker.  They call him overrated.  They slam him saying, "he plays too hard," "playing hard and fast doesn't make you good," and other such things.  But let me ask you this, can you play as good he can?  In the age of the Internet, you have these people who bitch and bitch like they are some elitest and can do better.  Yet, when called out, they continue to hide behind their computer screens and continue to talk out of their ass.

There are absolutely no problems with Travis Barker.  Sure he hits his drums hard and shreds the kit.  That is his style which he is good at.  He is noted as one of the best punk rock drummers. Not only that, but he has transitioned into other genres like rap rock, rap metal, hip hop, country, among others.  You might think that it's nothing special to cross into other genres, but his style of drumming has transitioned well in those genres especially the rap and hip hop based ones.  People don't give him enough credit for this.  All they like to do is bitch about his technique and yet it's baseless.  If they bothered to study his style, than they'd know that he is as overrated as they like to say.  Barker can phenomenal things on a pretty small kit setup.  He doesn't a huge kit setup like Neal Peart, Mike Portnoy, or Mike Mangini for instance.  He does what he does and does it amazingly well with a small kit setup.

I find his rolls, rudiments, and high hat work to be insanely good.  His fills are sick and I only wish I could be able to do my fills half as good him.  The same goes for my rolls, rudiments, and high hat work.  He brings something different to drumming and people are too ignorant to see that.

It's easy to bag on someone you don't like.  They'd rather bitch about everything about him and everybody who ascribes the label of him being a "god."  They'd rather point out stuff about him and just say he sucks because of that.  People need to learn how to critique him properly and not come off as ass clowns that think they are better than him.

I find nothing wrong him and think he is a very good drummer.  Yes, he barely missed making my top ten and after watching the following solos/warm ups, he will be in my top ten without a doubt.  I don't ascribe him as "godly."  I don't ascribe anyone as "godly" or "godlike."  I just marvel at their talent and ability.  That is what I do with Travis Barker as well.  Enjoy this video!

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