Friday, September 28, 2007

Got My Own Place

Well, it's official, my search for a place is over. I have found a place here in Saskatoon. It is on Lansdowne Ave. The rent is $550 a month. This will put financial strain on me for the next while. I have to pay my car loan, my plates monthly, and rent. On top of that I have the usual gas, food, and all the side expenses. It's great that my sister is helping me out with some stuff like food. I wonder if my dad will help me out with one months rent like he promised a while back? It wouldn't hurt to ask.

So now I have to learn to budget. If anyone has ways to save money, so that I have money to spare. Than please don't hesitate to give me some tips. I really could use it.

But that puts the stop to any possible tickets for Michael Buble.

Here's to moving into my own place!
Mr. C.C.

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