Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Job Puts Things In Perspective

What I am about to say, don't get the wrong idea. I have many American friends who I think are awesome. With that being said, my job puts things in perspective. What am talking about you may ask? Well, as you may or may not know, I work at GC Teleservices and do collections for Captial One. Now, don't worry for my fellow Canadians, I don't call Canada, I call the United States and some other countries, but mainly the United States. So when I call them, the people I do call, they are sometimes ignorant, assholish, among other things.

Sure this maybe baseless upon reading this, but hear me out. I phone someone and they freak out because we call them. What's the harm in that? Nothing really, but they act as if calling them is going to disrupt their day. If you don't want to talk to us, than don't pick up. When I get an outbound call, I say hello and they hang up. Again don't pick up. When someone calls and say: "Thank you for calling GC Services..." and they hang up. Don't call in if you don't want to talk to us. Or when you get a cardholder on the line and they won't verify information like their date of birth of the last four of their social security number they ask: "You have our that don't you?" Of course we fucking do. It's for security purposes and to make any potential updates to their account. Don't question because if we didn't need it, than would we ask? The security purpose is to know we are speaking to the correct person. Do you want us giving your information to the incorrect party? Think about it.

It's the person on the other end of the line who think we are in the wrong, but that is far from the case. I have been called or told the following:

Ingorant son of a bitch
Mother fucker
Don't call here again you fucking cock sucker

There was call in which I got the cardholder and I got the payment from this woman and then she says stop calling here. By all rights we will stop calling for a period of time. This guy, husband or boyfriend, or whatever gets on the line and starts saying stop fucking calling here you hear or something to that effect. He wouldn't even let me speak. Everytime I tried to speak he said: Would you like my cock in your mouth? Would like that. This douche bag kept going on. I terminated that call.

The bottom line is that if you don't want us calling than don't be in fucking debt. Credit cards are not free money. When you sign to get a credit card, than you acknowledge that you are going to keep your account current and out of collections. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have credit cards. I could keep going on, but you get the idea.

Thanks for letting me rant. I had to get that off my chest.

Until next time, stay out of debt
Mr. C.C.

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