Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jazz Recommendations

I was thinking about how my friend Mark A.R. Jensen wrote on my Facebook wall about how he has been into jazz/funk/rock acoustic music lately. So here are some of my recommendations for jazz artists and albums.

Diana Krall

What is there to say about Diana Krall, what hasn't already been said? Well, she is amazing on the piano. She has that sultry voice that can memorize anybody. I knew this before I bought one of her albums. I bought her 2001 album "The Look of Love" and I must say it is pure Diana Krall awesomeness. The title track "The Look of Love" is perhaps the most recognizable song on the entire album. Irregardless, the rest of the album is phenominal. I mean "S'Wonderful," Besame Mucho, "Cry Me A River," and the rest of the album is awesome.

Jamie Cullum

Even though I haven't listen to a full album of his, I do know he is great. When I first heard the song "All At Sea," I instantly liked it. I would listen to that song over and over. It was just a great song. Than I found some other songs of his and have come like. He does an incredible cover of "Singing In The Rain" and for not previously liking that song, Cullum's version has made a fan of it. He voice isn't as sultry as Diana Krall's, but it's still great for jazz. I hear his Twentysomething album is really, but don't take my word for it as I haven't heard it yet.

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