Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Over Charging And Inefficient

That is how I am feeling after going to Tim Hortons earlier tonight. After work my friend and I wanted some food. Burger King drive-thru on Circle Drive was closed due to technical issues. The McDonalds drive-thru on 51st St. was closed as well as the Wendy's drive-thru. So we settled on Tim Hortons even though my friend didn't want to go there.

So we enter and my friend orders a turkey bacon club sandwich. This person inside, who is middle eastern, asked if he wanted to large size it. My friend Chris was responded questioningly, "large size what?" Apparently this person didn't hear him or whatever the case was because he had to say it again. She was like, "large size the coffee." Well he didn't want a coffee so he got a bottled beverage instead. I told him to tell this person no coffee and this bottled drink instead. So his order was turkey bacon club sandwich, a danish, and a bottled drink. Now my order was a ham and swiss sandwich with extra meat, a long john donut, and a Pepsi. All in all it came to $17.24. My friend, who paid for it in lieu of me giving him a ride home, thought something wasn't right. He was going to ask the person who served us over charged us, but was too pissed and he didn't for whatever reason. So as I was driving him home he was pissed and said this makes him hate Tim Hortons even more.

I will either phone or go to Tim Hortons and complain about being overcharged.

My friend went on about how he hates people who don't know what the hell they are doing. I couldn't agree more. If they are doing the job well, than they shouldn't be working there. Sure it was the choice of management to hire them, but if they are hired to do a job, make sure they are doing the job they were hired for. That middle easterner is in a service industry and she is doing the customers and employeer a disservice by overcharging.

As I said before, I am going to be pro-active and not just take it.

The other day during my lunch break, I went to Wendy's on Idylwyld Drive. There were two vehicles ahead of me and it took forever for the first vehicle to get its food. As I was waiting I was thinking to myself, "what is taking so damn long?" They didn't even pay just before getting their drinks and food. I thought, "at least the 8th St. Wendy's gets you to pay while waiting for your food." This Wendy's was terribly inefficient. I was their one other time at that particular Wendy's and I will never go to that one again.

Going to that particular Wendy's made me late from my lunch break. I thought how inefficient they were and that they needed to become more efficient so they don't keep people waiting. If I didn't my job efficiently I wouldn't have a job.

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