Monday, October 17, 2005

Girl Killed After Meeting Someone She Met Over The Internet

I was on a message board and I came across a thread that was about a girl who was killed after she met a guy over the internet on For those of you who don't know what MySpace is, it is bascially like MSN Space. It's where you can post blog entries, pictures, and other stuff. You can create your profile page to as you want it. Here is what was posted on that thread:

"Taylor Behl, a student from Virginia, has been found murdered. Her body turned up yesterday in a shallow grave and was confirmed to be that of Taylor Behl. The prime suspect, Ben Fawley claims to be an amateur photographer and is being held by authorities. She has a MySpace page and to see the comments from people while she was missing right up to finding the body is pretty sad and intense. Keep in mind that there are over 30 million people on this network so the odds are pretty good that you'll interact with some psychos and possibly some predators along the way(male or female). Just be careful and use common sense especially if you are female. I know 1st hand the amount of e-mails that women get every single day, half from guys posing as amateur photographers.

"The romantic relationship between Taylor and Ben started online on Myspace.
Check out her My Space profile, which is still up and all the comments her friends have been leaving her from the day she disappeared up until today."
Here is the news story:

My thoughts:

Well, after looking at this young woman's MySpace profile, it's clear that she will be dearly missed. I mean she may have been niave in some respects. But that doesn't mean she should not know better. She was 18 after all. You are an adult at 18. Sure it's messed up what happened, but she probably only knew what she saw of this person who killed her on his MySpace account. I am not saying that I am better then her or anything. I don't think that she should be so trusting of everyone. Not everybody is as nice as you make them out to be. They could be all assuming and nice at first. Then they will show their true colors down the road. I am not saying that we should be a hermits and shut ourselves away from the world. It's just that we should learn about someone before just going to meet them because they could act totally different from behind a computer screen.

On the issue of MySpace, I feel that MySpace is overrated. It's like some think "MySpace is teh shit." But it's not. It's just another way for people to try and be popular amongst people they will never meet in their lifetime because they know that they are not popular amongst people in their town or whatever. Plus they also feel that the more comments that are posted on their blog, the more highly regarded they are. But seriously, it's like not people are going to remember you two months from now. If I had a MySpace account, I would rather have five comments on a blog post from people I know rather then 100 from people I didn't know.

It's sick what's out there nowadays. That's why I don't even have a MySpace account and I never intend to either. It's just another fade that people use to make themselves look trendy. But I don't buy into it. If people want to comment on my thoughts and what not then they can do so on my blog. You might say it was cool once upon a time to have a blog, but I actually update an a regular basis.

But on the note of this young woman, of course I feel it's messed up. But there is nothing most people can do. You feel powerless against this kind of thing happening. But if you can stop people you from making the same mistake then do so. You don't want to be kicking yourself later on when you know you could have done something. I bet if this young woman's friends could have done something then they would have. But sadly we can't turn back the hands of time. If we could then the world since the begining of time would have been perfect.

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