Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving From Your Friendly Neigbourhood Mother Canucker

Well, for us Canadians this weekend is a long weekend. It is our Thanksgiving. It's the one of the few times of the year where we can truly reflect back on what we are truly thankful for. I think that society as a whole doesn't do this enough. We don't reflect on what we are thankful for. We just go on with our day to day activities and don't really reflect. But when a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas comes upon us then we stop and reflect almost like we are forced too. We should not have feel like it's a pain to reflect once in awhile. I am sure counting our blessing once in awhile wouldn't be such a bad thing. It's just that there are times when I am sure you feel like you don't have many blessings or much to be thankful for. Just think that there are people who are worse off then you or I are. But we usually end up dwellings on the negatives rather then the positives. But I digress, that if you take the time to think about it, you will come up with a few things to be thankful for.

Here is my list of things that I am thankful for.

Some Items I Am Thankful For:
  • There is no snow on the ground just yet.
  • I have a house and home to come home to.
  • For the love of a family (even though there are fights sometimes).
  • My natural ability to sing (when I sing karaoke people tell me I am good).
  • My ability to play drums as well as I can (I am still getting better though).
  • My sideburns (people who I don't know think that they are cool).
  • My neice, nephew, and new niece or nephew on the way (don't know which yet).
  • Just having my job.
  • My awesome ability to wail (Mark Jensen, Steve Reid, and a few others know what I am talking about).

What I am doing is going to my mom's boyfriend's house for supper on Sunday, which would be today of course. But yesterday (Saturday) my mom phoned out to the farm and made it official that I was going to Ron's house for supper because he wanted it there which is cool with me. My mom wanted Thanksgiving supper at the apartment. My mom then asked me if I liked cream or kernel corn. I said both. So I guess I will get whatever she decides. Of course I had to ask about dessert. I mean come on, it's Thanksgiving. What's Thanksgiving without dessert? My mom said she is making one apple pie. She asked if I like apple pie and I said yes, apple pie is fine with me. I hope there is whipped cream or something along those lines. I totally forgot to ask her about it. But if there isn't then oh well. I have be at Ron's in the afternoon sometime. My neice and the middle sibling, which is my sister will also be there.

For the rest of you, I hope you have a safe holiday. Eat, drink, and be marry. But do it all in moderation though. Drinking wine on a full stomach of turkey will make a person drowsy. It's common sense. Or at least Seinfeld will teach you that. I am refering to that episode where Jerry Seinfeld is dating that chick who collects all those toys and Jerry wants to play with them. Some of you will know what I am talking about.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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