Sunday, October 02, 2005

My Car, Computer Keyboard, & More

I haven't made a blog post in over a week and I will explain why. So read on.

Today I went to church. Then after church I went to Bonanza for lunch. I don't know why I went there. Anyways, Bonanza is what it is. The food there is the usual. After I was finished lunch I went to start my car. I thought what the heck is going? It seemed odd that my car wouldn't start. It started fine after church. So I tried to start it again. But it wouldn't start. Then I phoned my mom's place. Of course there was no answer. I then decided to start my car again. It wouldn't start. I then phoned CAA. CAA of course was a last resort. I told them what they needed to know. As I waited for the tow truck to come I tried starting my car again. Once again NOTHING. It wouldn't start. The tow truck came and gave me a boost. Then I left.

I then went home to feed my two dogs, Buck (male) and Christy (female). That is one of the few things that I have to do. I went home because I didn't know if my car would start or not. But luckily it did. So then I went back into town. Good waste of gas I say. Anyways, I went back into town and went to The Source by Circuit City which used to be known as Radio Shack. I went there because I needed a keyboard and I didn't really want to go to Wal-Mart just to get a cheapy $10 one. So I was looking around and I found one for $20. That total came to $22.79. That was with tax and all that jazz. The keyboard is good enough for what I need it for. I had to get a new keyboard because earlier last week the home row of the keyboard stopped working. I was typing something and all of a sudden none of the home row showed up on the screen. So that is why there have not been a lot of blog updates.

Thankfully my car started. Then after that I went home and hooked up the new keyboard. Then I went on MSN and AIM messengers. I was then talking to Marky Mark Jensen on MSN. Mark then wanted to do an audio conversation with me. So I accepted and we started talking. But for some reason Mark was all choppy and what not. I told him that and he didn't know what the problem was. Then we seemed to get that figured out. Mark then wanted me to wail. So I did. We talked about a bunch of stuff like music and what not. Mark sent me a couple clips of the jam session we had. It was where Matt was playing drums, Mark was playing guitar, and of course me wailing. Good times! Good times! I didn't hear the rest of yet. But I will though. Mark then said we should update our blogs. I was going to anyways.

I then had to go with my dad to the field because I had to drive the truck back to the yard because my dad was bringing the combine in from the field. I then saw my sister coming up the highway and I knew that she would be stopping in at the farm on her way back to Saskatoon. Then I did some stuff around the house like I burned garbage, unloaded the dishwasher, and other exciting stuff. Well... not really but it has to be done.

After that I finished my column that I write for wrestling sites. Pro wrestling sites that is. I might post it here on my blog. That is if I get the urge to do so.

That was basically my day.
Tomorrow I have to work a bingo yet again. It's an afternoon bingo. The only reason I am working it is because my dad is working and he can't be there. Otherwise he would most likely be there. It's not like I have much to do anyways besides get paid and get a light bulb for my car headlight. I guess that can wait till Tuesday of course. The bingo is for MacDowall and District Lions or MAD Lions for short. At least it gets me out of the house till it's time for me to go to work. That's what I will be doing for the afternoon tomorrow.
A new video is up. It is called Just Take My Heart by Mr. Big. Mr. Big is a very good band. If you are into the 80's style of hair rock then you will like this band. Mr. Big made it big in Japan. But some people in North America consider Mr. Big a one hit wonder, which they are not. Mr. Big have other songs besides Just To Be With You. I don't get why people associate Just To Be With You when they think of Mr. Big. They do have other songs like Daddy Lover Brother Little Boy, Road Ruin, Green Tinted Sixties, Just Take My Heart, Wild World (originally done by Cat Stevens), etc., etc.. Anyways, Just Take My Heart is a good song. It is one their more baladish songs. I suggest you check out their other songs.

Past Videos Of The Week:
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Just Take My Heart by Mr. Big: 10-03-05 - 10-10-05
I am going to be putting up another poll. The poll question is, "Who is the most progressive rocker?" I will put it up sometime this week. So check it out and vote. I am assume if you vote that you will know who the people in this poll are.

Keep on rockin' in the free world.

Remember to learn it, use it, and never forget it!

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