Friday, September 23, 2005

Work, Rain, & More

A funny thing happened at work. Or least you should find it funny. Anyways, I was taking out keys of my pocket. Then I noticed my car keys were not in my pocket. So I was like did I set them down somewhere. But I would know if I did or not. So I went and checked my car and sure enough they were there in the ignition. I then got the idea to try and break into my car the old school way by using a hanger. But I was unsuccessful. Then I all of a sudden got this brainwave, which should have came to earlier, to use my CAA card. Well I am under my dad's name. But that is irrelevant to the story. I was like DUH!!! So I phoned and I got a tow truck to come and unlock my car.
More rain. Like that is what we need. It was raining as I was coming home from work. This rain will slow down harvest for the farmers. My dad has been getting the canola off the field. I should say my dad's friend has been helping him big time. My dad's friend Ken has been combining the canola. Even though rain is good for canola. The rain will slow down the process of getting it off. Enough dry weather will help dry things enough so farmers can get the crops off. Just pray for the farmers to get their crop off in time. Also pray for the farmers to stay safe while working in field.
Well another hurricane is on it's way to New Orleans. It's even headed to Houston Texas. New Orleans were not ready for one hurricane. They certainly are not ready for another hurricane. Rita started out as a tropical storm then it turned into a hurricane in one day. It's amazing and terrifiying the power Mother Nature has. You should never under estimate the Mother Nature. People are evacuating but it took people 12 hours to move 54 miles or something like that. Some are choosing to tough it out. I pray that they know what they are doing. I hope Hurricane Rita, a category 4 hurricane, doesn't do as much damage. But we will just have to wait and see.

I pray that people stay safe and hope they get to safety soon. People are evacuating to Houston and Hurricane Rita is headed right for Houston. I pray that it dies down and before then. That is all we can at times is pray.

If you want to help in anyway. I encourage you to read part of the following blog post I made.

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Remember to use it, learn it, and never forget it!

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