Friday, September 02, 2005 Webcasts Has Been Launched

September 1st, 2005 was the date that "Webmaster" Wade Needham launched W-W Webcasts. This a very inovative and creative. Wade Needham has always been on the cutting edge of original media in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community).

Now there is a 24/7 radio station. It features not only talk radio but a lot of music. Different days have different styles.

Weekly Schedule:
Sunday- Country Music
Monday- Rap
Tuesday- Comedy
Wednesy- Talk Radio
Thursday- Pop Culture
Friday- Rock Music
Saturday- The Big Mix

There is also different shows for music such as The Hitz Mix with Dennis A, The Wade Needham Show with "Webmaster" Wade Needham, All Metal Music with Thomas, The Jazz Beat also hosted by Thomas. There is also International Flava with Steve. He plays music from all around the world except the United States. All these music shows should have something for everyone.

Also Wade Needham has debuted his new video show called Primtime Wrestling. It premiered September 1st. I recommend you check out the debut episode. Another debuting show is W-W Games hosted by Joshua H.

Returning are W-W Radio which is the flagship show for This show is hosted by "Webmaster" Wade Needham and Death Blade. Now also returning is W-W Radio International. This is hosted by Steve. Steve is the other admin on the W-W Venue. Returning for season 2 is EWR, Eternal Wrestling Radio which is hosted by Joshua H. & Christen. Returning in a about a week is the Clean Finish hosted by Theo C. The Clean Finish used to be called The Rock Bottom Audio Show. So if you like checking out original media then this is the place for you.

If you would like to see when exactly the shows air. You can click on the following links. But remember you must click on a pop-up media player. You can use either Windows Media or Real Player. But warned that you must use Internet Explorer as Firefox does not work

The Venue- Official Message Boards

W-W Webcasts: Where fans of the world unite!

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