Sunday, September 04, 2005

Pulling Posts & Awesome Fireworks

Where do it start with today entry. Well nothing too exciting happened for majority of the day. I went to church then I came home. I then sat online till about 6-6:30ish. I cut some grass for awhile. Whoopy! Fun, fun, fun! Well not really but it had to be done. A little bit later I helped by dad pull some posts out of the ground in the field. We did that for about an hour or so. That was not that fun either. But it had to be done as well.

Later I went to the fireworks at Prime Ministers Park. The fireworks were to celebrate my home province, which is Saskatchewan's birthday. If you were not there then you missed on hell of a fireworks show. It was amazing, awesome, awe inspiring, incredible. It was worth going back into town for.

Happy birthday Saskatchewan!

Remember to learn it, use it, and never forget.

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