Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Music Video, New Links, New Uber Cool Blog, & More

Well, I was too lazy to tell you this yesterday but there is a new music video up. The artist was requested by a good friend named Clinton. He wanted some Thousand Foot Krutch which I couldn't find. He wanted some Skillet which I didn't know any of the song. Then finally I gave him a song from his other choice P.O.D. (Payable On Death) . I put up Youth Of The Nation.
A couple of new links have graced my list of links. I have Bible Gateway. A place to search for Bible passages in different versions of the Bible and in many different languages. So check that one out.

Also I have another link called iGod and it is an interesting site. All you do is click enter to go into the site. Then this chat window comes up and you type in stuff and it is supposed to be like your talking to God via the computer and what not. So check that out.
If there is a site that you want on my list of links then don't hesistate to contact in one of many, many ways. Leave a comment, put a shout on the tagboard, drop me a line in my guestbook, email me, or PM me on AIM or MSN. Wheew, seems like a variety of ways. But it's good to have many ways for people to contact a person. Just remember that I review all submissions.
I added a couple of new blogs to my list of "uber cool" blogs. I have added Dixie Vandersluy and Marc Vandersluy's blogs. Just look on the sidebar over to your right and you will find their blogs as well as other blogs of people that I know. So don't hesistate to check them out.
Reminder that Rockin' Drop In is today. Be there and be ready to rock out hard. Marky Mark wants to make this his most rockin' year in youth group since he will be graduating from school. I ENCOURAGE all the youth to come.

Keep on rockin' in the free world.

Remember to learn it, use it, and never forget it!

As always leave a comment in the comment box, shout on the tagboard, or a comment in the guestbook.

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