Sunday, October 16, 2005

So Called Fortunes In Fortune Cookies

Have you ever cracked open a fortune cookie and read a whacky so called fortune? Well today, I was looking in the fridge for something to eat for supper. I then discovered some leftover Chinese food. Then later as in a few minutes ago (refer to the time of this post), I decided to crack open both fortune cookies and read these so called fortunes. Well, it I always keep an open mind (I try to for the most part), but these fortunes a dull, boring, and not so deep. It's like they took some average jackass and paid him to write the first thing that came to his mind. Let me explain before you complain about this.

I know it's only a fortune cookie but these so called fortunes could be much deeper. It's like they are not trying to philosophical at all. It's like duh, state the obvious. We would never have figured that if it wasn't printed on a fortune. Here is what both fortunes said:

"Friendship is the key to happiness."

DUH!!! Geez, state the freakin' obvious. Someone might have thought that friendship was the key to depression if they didn't clarify that. The other fortune said:

"The person who never trusts themselves never trusts anyone."

Thanks for again stating the obvious. Unless you are a simpleton, then I am sure you would most likely know that.

I know it's just a fortune but they could say stuff that is deeper then the usual stuff like the afformentioned fortunes. Maybe I am reading a little too much into it but at least they could try.

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