Sunday, October 16, 2005

Which Rocker Are You Quiz

Well, someone posted this on a message board a few months back and I decided to give a try. I thought who I ended up as was pretty cool. I took it again just to see if it was right. Yup, I ended up as the same person. Then I decided to look for it and try it again. It turns out I ended up as the same person. I then tried it again just to make sure. Sure enough, I was still the same person. So here you go, the person I am most like...

You Are Gwen Stefani!

What you waiting for? You can do anything with a little encouragement from your pals. You’re a fashion maven who morphs from glamorpuss to tomboy chic, but you still make time to be a rock star. Hollaback!

· Not Gwen Stefani? Take the quiz again!
· Send to your friends and see which stars are in your posse.

If you want to take the quiz then click this blog entry title or click here.

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