Thursday, September 14, 2006

Retreat, Prayer, Reading, Working Out

As I mentioned in my previous blog post that the school was going on a retreat to Southern Alberta Bible Camp. We left at 4:00 PM on Tuesday and got back at 9:30 PM on Wednesday. The main purpose of this retreat was to have a time of solitude.

We had a worship service on Tuesday night after we got to the camp. It allowed us time to just worship our Lord and God. Then on Wednesday we had another worship service.

We in fact did have an hour of solitude on Wednesday after the worship service. It was time to sit and write or just reflect. I just sat and reflected. Even though the weather wasn't the best, we made the best of it.

We also had to look for rocks in which we could write one or two items that we wish God would help us in. I wrote humble and humility. I am trying to justify why. God just wanted me to write those two items on that rock. I chose a big rock. I guess God wants to work on me during these next eight months. This school year will be very interesting to say the least.

Then on Wednesday evening we had a service with communion. Not only that, we had a time of deep reflection. It was moving. I know my friend Mark A.R. Jensen aka Marf felt the presence of God. I know that a few people felt God as well. People were brought to tears during this service. The power of God was in the room.

When it was time for the communion part of the service, we would take a piece of bread, dip it in the cup, and then place our rock in front of the fire place. It was like we built an alter for God.

It's like in the song "Here By The Water:"

Here by the water
I'll build an alter to praise you
Out of these stones that I found here
I'll set them down here rough as they are

I guess it was only fitting that we did that. It was great growth experience for a number of people including myself.

What else is there? There is more.

Last night my friend Mark found out that his younger brother recieved a collapsed lung. It even moved his heart which is could have been fatal. I just hope that you keep Cory and his family in your prayers. He will recover, but he is in hospital. It's unfortunate that this happened. But if I know Mark then he will stay strong. They are definantly in my prayers.

I still have some reading to do. I have to finish the rest of my five chapters of Blue Like Jazz. I also need to finish reading that learning styles sheet. Even though it is borning and gives me a headache, I will try to finish it soon. Finally for the Old Testament, I will try and finish the reading on Foundations of Jewish Belief. We have to write a reflection paper on it. It only has to be one or two pages. So that isn't too bad.

Finally for you on this blog post, Mark and I started working out. We made an oath before the retreat to start working out and get in shape. We even shook on it. I want to lose weight because of health reasons. So tomorrow we will hit the weight room again. We focused mainly on our chests today. Tomorrow will be legs.

That's about it right now. I will post tomorrow. Have a good night.

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