Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Song, Test & Retreat

Marf and I wrote a song yesterday. I wrote the lyrics while Marf pounded out the tune and melody. I sounds great. I feel so anal about listening to myself on tape. But I did sound good. At least I think so.

There is a test today. It is on geography. I am feeling confident actually. I studied with some people yesterday and I feel that I am going to do pretty well on this test. At least that is what I my get feeling is.

Also at 4:00 PM today, we are leaving for Southern Alberta Bible Camp or something like that. It is for our retreat. We will be coming back tomorrow sometime in the evening. Around 10:00 PM or something like that. It will be a chance to my getting caught up on my reading. I want to pound the Bible and get way ahead. I hope to be done Genesis soon.

I will post those lyrics for the song "Ballad Of Steven Reid" either tomorrow or the next day. Well, I guess I should be going. Worship is at 8:30 and class is at 9:30. I need get dressed and whatnot. I also need to get over the stuff for the test as a last minute warm up.

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