Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Reading, More Reading, Service Day, More

It has been been six days since my last blog post and there is a bunch of to tell you.

I am still doing a lot of reading. I thought we would be doing more papers and such, but there has been a lot of reading. I have to finish Blue Like Jazz. I need to keep up with my Bible reading. I don't want to fall behind in my Bible Reading. I will probably do a bit of Bible reading tonight.

Today was our day of service. Each Wednesday is our day of service. In the morning we met with our spiritual formation groups. The group leader Ryan Quist aka U2 Guy shared more of his story. Then Zach from Kansas shared his story. He was into drugs a lot and told us about his life struggling through that. He was basically sent here by his mom and his brother. His brother came here to CBC last year.

In the afternoon we did our actual service. My service group went to Wheatland Lodge which is an old folks home. We sat and talked to the seniors in their. It's cool just sit and hear all their stories. They are our link to the past. Senoirs are under appreciated in our society. The first person I talked to was Ed. I just sat down and started to talking to him. He had some cool things to say. We talked about farming, the weather, snow and cold, among other things. He said he wants to bring up at next months meeting is to set up a workshop where people can do wood working and whatnot. I thought that it is a good idea. I told him that he should bring it up. I told him that after I am done CBC that I want to broadcasting school in Saskatoon. Ed said that if I make on TV to say hi to Ed. I told him that I would do that. Ed was born in Grenfell, Saskatchewan and has been living in Strathmore for 13 years. He says that he will be buried in Strathmore when he dies. Ed said it didn't matter where he was buried because he knows that he is going the same place as I am when I die. Ed then had to make a phone call, so I then moved onto another table where to men were playing cribbage. I watched and talked with them. I told them that I was from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I asked them who their favorite CFL football team and they said the Stampeders. One of them said, "Was there ever any question?" I asked them if the Calgary Flames was their favorite NHL hockey team and they said yes. I told them that I am Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Overall, it was very cool to sit and talk with the senoirs. I encourage you to talk with any seniors in your family or any senoirs for that matter as they are a link to the past

Vesper Liturgy service is tonight. I hope to connect to God and process what all that has been going on in the last few days including today.

I need to finish my Foundations of Jewish Belief paper. It is due on Friday at 8:30 AM via email to Todd my teacher for Old Testament.

Friday I will be leaving for Saskatoon for conference type event. I forget the name of it. But I hope to possibly see my niece and two nephews. It's a very slim chance that I will be seeing them. Hopefully I will let them know what's going on.

That's it for now. Time to eat supper.

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