Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sore, Basketball Tournament, Reading

I am still so from lifting weights on Thursday and Friday. It's a good sore though because I am wanting to lose weight. Hopefully I don't flake out and stop working out or exercising because I want this to be a year where I lose weight. It's a health reason.

But at meal times, I am trying to cut down to one plate. I not acheiving this at every meal. By having one plate it will help me in my journey to lose weight. But I digress, that it will take time to lose weight. I will keep you updated.

Yesterday there was a basketball tournament. I didn't have a partner until the day of the tournamnet. The Frable Invitational as it was called. Paul the resident intern found me a partner. I was paired up with Amy one of the resident mentors in the girls dorms. We ended up losing our first game to Connor and Kate. It was half court and if you scored a point, it was one point. But if you scored from the from the three point line then it was worth two points. The first to 11 wins. But you have to win by at least two points.

Anyways, we lost to Connor and Kate, so that moved us to the B side. Amy scored four points while I only scored one. Then on the B side we got a by because the one team didn't know they could play again and they left. Then we had to play one of the best teams in the tournament. Brain and Lenore Frable was our next match. They are both really good. I heard Lenore broke every record when she attended university.

I know that we were going to get beat, but I scored my teams three points. Even though we lost out in the finals, I still was fun. The A side winners were Paul (resident intern) and Pam (resident mentor) and the B side winners were Brian and Lenore Frable.

Then I wish I could do is shoot better from a long distance. My shooting is hit and miss in basketball.

I have to finish this reading. I have to finish reading the first five chapters of Blue Like Jazz. They are not overly long chapters. So that is good. Chapter two for worhsip class needs to be done. It shouldn't take too long. Foundations of Jewish Belief is going to kill me finishing it. As always, I am going to continue reading my Bible. Staying on track or even being ahead of the game is a good thing.

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